This site isn't for anyone! 

All members must have a valid BAR number and be in good standing. 

This is imposed to enforce the ongoing integrity of this application. 

There are few exceptions to this rule.  All exceptions must be manually approved.  If you feel you should be allowed access please type "EXCEPTION" in the BAR# field.  Managing attorneys will reach out to better understand why you feel you need access.

Important Registration Information:

  • First we must approve your account (the form to fill out) to be able to login and purchase access to the Practice Manual and Forms.
  • Access is NOT immediate because it is manually approved.  We actively work to approve your account within the day but weekends and holidays may extend this timeline.  
  • After you are approved a message will be sent to you via email that your account is active from the website.   This website generated email may go to spam or junk so be sure to check there. We will also attempt to manually email you your account is approved.  If no email is recieved you may safely try to login with your specified username and password anyway.
  • Once approved and logged in there will be an option to Buy Membership under your Dashboard drop down.  Currently this is also approved and processed manually.  Please allow 24 hours to process your paid order.
  • Once we process your order you'll be granted access to the Practice Manual and Forms.

After all this the hard part is over!

You'll have easy access ot the application and all of its tools.  

We know your time is valuable and want to expedite this process as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions or issues at all please call Justin at 405-361-8400.  Please leave a message if need be.

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