Support Information

A small support team exists for the sole purpose of helping you with questions regarding the practice manual.  

The common questions are:

  1. How many forms? - Over 250.
  2. How many pages? - Around 2,000
  3. Are trial memberships offered? - No.
  4. Are memberships available for non-attorneys? - Yes but on a case by case basis.  If you are not an attorney and would like a membership contact us.

Common issues are:

Can't login - The site doesn't forget your username and password.  For your protection, your password also can not be recovered by anyone, only overwritten.

If you can't login, before you try more than 3 unsuccessful times please do one of the following:

  1. Follow the password recovery steps found here.  You'll get an email, look for it in your junk or spam.  When you get this email there will be a special ONE TIME link.  When clicked you'll be logged in.  It is important you change your password at that point.

  2. If you never get an email your mail provider has probably considered it spam.

  3. If you are still having issues click here and fill out the resulting form.  We'll attempt to manually overwrite things to what you expect.

I Can Login But Can't Access Forms or Manual - In this case you simply need to renew your membership.